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Clay Aiken communicates the wall of Sardi I think this is kinda like purchasing a star of the Hollwyood Walk of Fame. Maybe it an a great deal larger honor since the Oleson twins have a star. regardless, The now out and proud Clay Aiken was honored this week with a caricature that now adorns the walls of the famed eatery Sardi is currently on Broadway portraying Sir Robin in Python Spamalot at the Shubert Theatre. Th3 2003 Idol jogger up made his Broadway debut in the show on a Jan. 18 and played being a May 4. He returned to the show Sept. 19 and will in the role through Jan. 4, 2009. This is a nice write up but Clay Aiken is so far beyond an ex contestant that it is just wrong to label him as that when he has reached so much in the past 6 years. Clay is a UNICEF Ambassador since 2004 who has been sent to philippines, Uganda, Afghanistan, mexico, Kenya and Somalia on missions to bring aid to children in crisis. His Bubel Aiken Foundation funds summer camps and has written school programs to foster inclusion of children with disabilities from K 12 into the same environment as their typical peers. He is an actor, Just finishing virtually all of this year on Broadway starring in Spamalot. Those the american idol show days are long over. you wouldnt label someone like Frank Sinatra or Gladys Knight as a talent show contestant any more than you would Justin Timberlake or Britney Ukraine women Spears. Its ancient history and only a single step in an evolving career.

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